Lady Rhea

Lady Rhea is the Witch-Queen of all New York Wica Traditions.

She is known as the "Witch Queen of New York" and has owned an occult store in New York since 1982.

In 1992, Lady Rhea opened Magickal Realms (Enchanted Candle Shoppe Inc.) in Greenwich Village. She later moved to the Bronx, where she cooperated with Lady Zoradia.

Lady Rhea is High Priestess and Mother of many witches in different traditions. She is the mother of Phyllis Curott (Lady Aradia) author of the "Book if Shadow", Lexa Rosean (Lady Venus) author of the "Supermarket Witch Series", Carol Bulzone (Lady Miw) owner of "Enchantments NYC" to name a few.

Wiccan, Witch, High Priestess and author since 1973, she is the co-founder of the Minoan Tradition with Edmond Buczynski (Lord Gwyddion) and created the Minoan Sisterhood with Carol Bulzone (Lady Miw).

Lady Rhea is of the Gardnerian Wicca, New York Wica Tradition and Welsh Tradition, but she and all of her children define themselves as "Edwardians" in honor of her High Priest and teacher Edmond Buczynski (Lord Gwyddion).