We know it mainly for its liquor which is now forbidden to be sold. It is less known that it can be used in cupboards to scare away mites and ants, and on animals in decoction to eliminate flies and horseflies.

Wormwood is burned as incense to help develop psychic powers.

Wormwood protects against bewitchment, but also against the bite of sea snakes.

Hanging from the rear view mirror, Wormwood protects the vehicle from accidents on dangerous roads.

Wormwood is also burned to subdue spirits. For this purpose it is sometimes mixed with sandalwood.

Wormwood oil can be used for rituals or ointments to make astral journeys or to reach trance states.

Wormwood brings out the hidden mysteries and leads to the dark side of the Moon.

Finally, according to ancient grimoires, if it is burned on a tombstone the spirits of the dead will rise and speak.

Not intended for food consumption.

Sachet of 20 gr

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