Candle The Empress of Love

For an abundance of love and happiness.

In this spell, we want to invoke the Goddess of Love in one of her more unusual yet opulent aspects. When asked, the Goddess of Love can grant us many things, including wealth. This seal is used to invoke Oshún in one of her more voluptuous aspects, so that she may bring us love, money and her blessings. The other goddesses mentioned are in tune with Oshún, so you can call upon any of the names mentioned without insulting the deity.

For this spell, the Goddess of Love celebrates the glorious beauty of the Dwellers of Heaven. She pours her light, which is that of pure love and inspiration, on all beings. She can bestow love, enhance a relationship and bless a marriage. She grants financial blessings to those who ask her.

Ritual procedure included.

You can choose between the complete kit and the candle alone. The complete kit contains the Empress of Love candle, a 20gr bag of Jasmine or Sunflower and a 30gr bag of Olibanum.

What you need :

. A plate and a bowl; the plate should be larger than the bowl, for example a large plate and a small cereal bowl.

. A letter of intent

. Honey

. Petals from a yellow flower

. Gold and copper glitter

. Five sugar cubes

. Cognac (Brandy)

. Frankincense

Choose a variant:

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