Among all the magical plants and spices, there is one that attracts more attention than all the others, for the great variety of properties and virtues that it presents: cinnamon.

According to ancient beliefs, cinnamon is associated with the element of fire, and it is ruled by the Sun. Among the main qualities of this spice, we find its capacity to disturb the understanding and thus to support the expression of the instincts and the passion.

It has long been used as an aphrodisiac to increase libido, but also in rituals and spells to attract another person's passion or to enhance sexual potency. It can be said that it is the queen of herbs for the love arts.

Generally speaking, protection and healing are considered the main esoteric properties of cinnamon. For example, it is used in rituals to cleanse the living space, to cleanse the aura or to fight the evil eye and repel evil spirits. It is also used in rituals to attract good luck.

Another of its many virtues is its potential to raise energetic vibrations, which makes it a natural complement in rituals to attract love, health or money, since it increases the effectiveness of the other herbs involved in the spell. It is also widely used in the form of incense, to promote meditative states.

For protection, health, love, luck...

Not intended for food consumption.

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