Guardian Angel Candle

We all have a guardian angel, a personal being of light that lights our way in life.

This candle has many roles. It can be an act of devotion to give light to your guardian angel; it is spiritual food for them. It can also be used to ask your guardian angel for help in solving a problem, and finally you can use it to get advice. You can also light this candle for someone else who is suffering in the dark and not following the light of their guide. This higher power can solve many problems in our lives: addictions, evil spirits, anger, lack of spirit or inspiration. Guardian angels guide and protect. The more you work with them, the more help they can give you.

Ritual procedure included.

You can choose between the complete kit and the candle alone. The complete kit contains the Guardian Angel candle, a 20gr bag of rose petals and a 30gr bag of Red Benzoin.

What you need :

  • Incense

  • A letter of intent

  • A bowl

  • Honey

  • Holy water

  • Spring water

  • A wine glass for the water

  • White, red or chrysanthemum flower petals

  • Frankincense or Benzoin

Choose a variant:

Starting at 43.90 €