Healing Love Candle

To help you heal from heartbreak.

To heal from a broken love relationship. Sometimes outside forces can damage a relationship - some use black magic or send negative energy out of jealousy or revenge with the sole purpose of separating you and your loved one. But often separations are only due to an accumulation of problems that led to the breakup. You can work this spell whether the problem comes from outside or inside the couple. Sometimes this spell can restore the relationship to the way it was before the difficulties occurred. If this is not possible, the candle will heal your broken heart so that love can bloom again.

Ritual procedure included.

You can choose between the complete kit and the candle alone. The complete kit contains the Love Healing candle, a bottle of rose oil, a bottle of Glory water, a bottle of florid water, a bottle of lavender water, a 20gr bag of rose petals and a 30gr bag of frankincense.

 What you need :

  • A bowl

  • A letter of intent

  • Spring water

  • Florida water

  • Sugar

  • Rose water or rose oil

  • Glory Water

  • Lavender water

  • Pink or red rose petals

  • Frankincense or Benzoin

Choose a variant:

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