Lakshmi candle

To ask for abundance.

To get out of misery, affliction and financial difficulties. Wealth and prosperity is what Lakshmi likes to bestow. She can also help you network and bring people together. Lakshmi excels in business and always brings in many clients.

To invoke Lakshmi's presence and favor, one must have a pure mind, free of malice or jealousy, and focus only on oneself, and on what is necessary for one to fulfill oneself and bring others to betterment. You can include as many people as you want in your thoughts. Lakshmi loves people as well as all animals. Do not place any sharp tools near where you are working with her, except, of course, your engraving tool. Do not place any meat offerings of any kind on her altar. This does not mean that you cannot eat meat if you work with her.

She is the mother of all living creatures, and therefore the flesh of an animal would not be a suitable offering. There will be no alcohol in this ritual either; she does not like drugs or stimulants of any kind. Being sober here is important, as it allows one to better connect with the presence of this goddess.

Lakshmi is a wonderful goddess of the home, set up an altar and work with her and she will bless your home, bringing wealth, health and well-being. Mother of all fertility, she also brings her blessing to those who ask her for children. Casting a spell for Lakshmi to grant you financial blessings, fertility, love and happiness will take a little more effort than usual. Instead of putting everything in one bowl, set up a separate vase of flowers and have many herbal and fruit offerings.

Ritual procedure includes.

What you need :

  • 4 bowls: one to work the spell, two smaller ones for pennies, and the last one to hold fresh water to cool your mouth. This last one must be renewed every day.

  • 108 pennies

  • A letter of intent stating what you need

  • Flowers in a separate vase

  • Honey

  • Shredded coconut

  • Shelled almonds

  • Dates

  • Rice

  • Jasmine flowers (usually you can find them dried but fresh ones would be really nice)

  • Coconut milk (you can use real milk that is clear like water or coconut cream)

  • A small bunch of fresh basil, preferably in bloom as Lakshmi particularly likes it.

  • Frankincens or Benzoin

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