Candle the Emperor

To get the best out of life.

It is a seal of Jupiter, god of development, generosity, abundance and luck. He is the king of the gods, bearer of the lightning, the one who makes the heavens rumble. His animal of power is the Eagle, his weapon the lightning, and for those who are in his good graces, his generosity is great.

It is an excellent candle for business, negotiations, networking and general confidence. You know the expression "By Jove!"? When you use this expression it means you're counting on luck.

This candle corresponds to the Emperor card of the tarot. It also shows us that he has a magnanimous heart and knows how to show mercy. So not only do we invoke Jupiter for luck, but also for his mercy when luck fails us.

Ritual procedure included.

You can choose between the complete kit and the candle alone. The complete kit contains the emperor candle and a 20gr bag of Myrrh incense.

what you need :

  • A bowl

  • A letter of intent

  • Honey

  • Brown sugar

  • Fresh orange slices

  • Mulled wine

  • Myrrh or frankincense

Choose a variant:

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