Candle Pomba Gira

Pomba Gira is also known as Exua, the female form of Exu, the Brazilian form of Eleguá. She is also known as a Deviless. The reason she is often called a "Deviless" is because, as she has the personality of an Exu, she has no morals. Exus have no ethics and do what they have to do. They are amoral. You must be aware of her nature when you use her seal: if you invoke her by making the suggested offerings, then you must be aware that she can drive you and your lover crazy with sex, and maybe nothing more. . Pomba Gira brings men to you by pulling them by the hair, she makes them crazy with desire. Use the seal, but know that she will not make your lover come to you with a bouquet of flowers in his hand. Pomba Gira is not a flowery goddess: she is rather "rough around the edges". You will have to work on a love candle if that is what you want to receive. Pomba Gira doesn't mess around, and when you start working with her, you have to be prepared. If you want your lover to become more romantic afterwards, then you must do a candle spell like Mystery or Midnight.

Pomba Gira likes to seduce a lot, you can also use this candle, if at parties you tend to be a bit of a wallflower and would like to have a good time instead. In this case, place the Pomba Gira seal on one side of the candle and the Mystery seal on the other side. This should increase your seductive power if you haven't been able to get a date lately.

Ritual procedure includes.

What you need :

  • A bowl

  • A letter of intent to Pomba Gira

  • You can use in this spell: red wine, champagne or cognac. The choice is yours!

  • Seven sugar cubes or spoonfuls of sugar

  • Crushed red pepper, fresh or dried

  • Cinnamon sticks

  • Peppermint leaves, fresh or driedDes 

  • Red flower petals: roses, chrysanthemums or any other flower with red petals.

  • Cigarettes

  • Frankincense or benzoin incense

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