Power of Love Candle

Calls for love for warm and erotic nights and for fidelity.

This candle can also be used to reunite a torn couple. The strong attraction of this candle will draw your fluttering mate to you and keep him or her coming back. If your sex life has stalled, use this seal to reawaken passion and desire. Call on Mars to revive your sex life and your marriage. Burn this candle to keep your lover at home and rekindle the flame.

Ritual procedure included.

You can choose between the complete kit and the candle alone. The complete kit contains the Power of Love candle, a 20gr bag of allspice berries, a 20gr bag of cinnamon powder and a 30gr bag of white benzoin.

What you need :

  • A bowl

  • Red wine

  • Honey

  •  A red rose

  • Jamaican pepper berries

  • Myrtle (leaves) (optional)

  • Cinnamon powder

  • A letter of intent written in red ink stating what you want

  • Frankincense or Benzoin

Choose a variant:

Starting at 43.90 €