Candle Saint Cyprien

To wake up your couple and spice up your story or to bring back a lover and have a sexual blast!

This intoxicating spell to give a little youthfulness to a love story and to add a little spice and novelty to the life of a couple. This spell also allows you to bring back a lover to have a great time sexually. Saint Cyprian was a native of Carthage, he lived around 249 AD. He resided in Antioch, and received his training at Mount Olympus at the age of seven. During his life, St. Cyprian pursued studies in Argos, Sparta, Memphis and also in Egypt, as well as with the Chaldeans. He is a saint who helps to reunite separated lovers.

Ritual procedure included.

You can choose between the complete kit and the candle alone. The complete kit contains the Saint Cyprian candle, a 20gr bag of basil, a 20gr bag of rose petals and a bag of white benzoin.

What you need :

  • A bowl

  • A letter of intent to Saint Cyprien in which you express your wishes

  • Honey

  • 3 tablespoons of brown sugar

  • 2 tablespoons of basil

  • Iron filings or nails

  • Petals of a red rose

  • Seven drops of red wine

  • A glass of red wine

  • Frankincense or Benzoin

Choose a variant:

Starting at 43.90 €