Natural lavender floral water

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The properties of lavender have been known for centuries, both in medicine and in witchcraft, spells and rituals. For example, lavender oil was found in the embalming strips used by the Egyptians in mummification, which suggests that our ancestors were already taking advantage of its virtues.

Lavender is used in magic for love potions. Its well-known aroma is said to help purify negative vibes that we may carry, and to bring peace and harmony to the home.

If you have a friend who sees life in the dark, try giving him a bottle of lavender perfume or water. This will help him or her get rid of the pessimistic mood.

Lavender promotes clairvoyance, but also happiness, love, helps us to find inner peace and have a more serene and harmonious life.

For many centuries, lavender has been considered a magical plant used to make amulets against demons and to improve fertility.

Lavender was also used to make potions to improve relationships and eliminate guilt.

30ml bottle

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