El Bkhour

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El Bkhour is an incense of Arab culture, born in the Arabian Peninsula during antiquity.

In Tunisia, its origin dates back to the 4th century, according to a mosaic of Carthage representing a black wizard burning incense.

It comes from a mixture of several materials: sandalwood, agar, incense resin, essential natural oil ...

The one found on the Tunisian market comes largely from Jeddah (Saudi Arabia).

Its use: El bkhour is thus of the incense in scented grains, commonly employed to embalm the house.

The odor gives this unique character to the Arab homes. It is also traditionally used for all kinds of consecrations and purification rituals.

The housewives also use it to keep the evil eye away from the house, which explains its wide use in all Tunisian festivals (marriage, circumcision ...).

It is sometimes customary for women to lift her skirt to pass seven times over the "kanoun" containing el bkhour.

It is said that this would bring luck and chase away the worries of the future life.

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