Mistletoe is a semi-parasitic plant with forked branches, which grows on different species of trees, the most famous of which is the oak. But it also grows on apple and pear trees for example. The floral bouquets turn into white, sticky and poisonous berries in winter, which can be used to make glue.

Mistletoe, especially when it grew on an Oak tree, was the sacred plant of the Druids. It was cut on Litha day (summer solstice) or when the moon was 6 days old. A golden sickle was used to cut the plant, which should not touch the ground.

Long used as protection against lightning, disease, misfortune of any kind. Mistletoe is worn or placed in a suitable place for these purposes. The leaves and berries are used for this purpose.

Mistletoe was placed on cradles to prevent fairies from kidnapping the child and replacing it with another.

Mistletoe is also worn to ensure good luck in hunting, and women wear the plant to increase their fertility and ensure conception. It was also used in rituals to capture that elusive state of immortality, as well as to open locks.

Placed near the bedroom door, Mistletoe ensures restful sleep and sweet dreams, as well as under the pillow or hanging over the head of the bed.

Kiss your lover under the Mistletoe, and you will stay in love. Mistletoe can also be burned to banish evil spirits, and worn around your neck, it is believed to give invisibility. Mistletoe is a plant that can be used for many purposes.

Protection, Fertility, Healing, Good luck and Exorcism

Not for food consumption.

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