Geranium Oil

The Geranium is an evergreen plant with white or pink flowers in summer and fall. The leaves are round with scalloped margins, and they have an apple scent.

The Geranium is a protective plant when grown in the garden, or put in a freshly picked bouquet.

The Geranium protects against snakes.

A row of red Geraniums planted near a witch's house is said to bring visions through their movements. The flowers are magically charged to indicate the direction in which strangers are approaching and thus warn the witch of their imminent arrival.

Geraniums in beds or pots are protective and ensure good health.

Pink-flowered geraniums are used in love rituals, while the white varieties increase fertility.

Pink Geranium is also used in protection bags.

Finally, Geranium is excellent for improving self-confidence, and for healing an ego injury. It also soothes heart wounds.

Bottle of 28 ml

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