Nettle Oil

Nettle is a well-known plant in phytotherapy.

Everyone knows that if you rub it, you sting. A stinging product causes pimples and unpleasant itching.

However, only the upper side of the leaf is provided with such stinging hairs. So if you roll it on the right side, you can swallow a raw nettle leaf without being stung. An experience that easily makes you look like some kind of wizard with fabulous powers in the eyes of children.


Because of its unpleasant contact of its stinging action and the itching it causes, the nettle is considered a protection against the evil eye, the harmful influences, the diseases.

According to the English, the nettle grows spontaneously from the earth sprinkled with human urine and its protective and healing powers are enhanced if it grows in a dark place.

On the other hand, in some regions it is said that when nettles grow on a grave, it is a very bad sign that the deceased is damned for eternal life.

The nettle was linked to magical practices. According to Albert the Great: "Whoever holds this herb in his hand with mille-feuille, will not be afraid or frightened at the sight of some ghost. That if one joins it with serpentine juice and after rubbing one's hands with it, one throws the rest into the water, one will easily catch with one's hand the fish that are in it."

According to a widespread belief, it was thought that they could get rid of a disease by passing it to a being or object that suffered from it and died in place of the one who passed it to them.


It is said that the seeds cooked with cooked wine excite in the game of love and in case of impotence to take a teaspoon of ground seeds mixed with honey or jam.

Some people prefer to apply nettle ointment to their penis rather than rubbing fresh leaves, which is not necessarily the most convenient. Don't think that these practices have disappeared.

According to the Germans, putting nettle leaves under the mattress without the knowledge of one's spouse encourages unbridled sexuality. If one took the precaution of sprinkling them with salt just before picking them, they will have an even stronger erotic power.

The nettle was also used for magic charms in love.

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