Hyssop found its place in simple gardens, priest's gardens and other medieval gardens.

Hyssop is used in ornamental gardens as a rock garden plant. It is also a melliferous plant (which attracts bees).

Igneous, solar, aerial, this plant has great powers of purification.

The Hebrews used to bathe in fresh water with hyssop leaves.

Carry hyssop powder with you, in a small white cloth bag.

It will clear your aura and offer you a very good protection against negative forces. The purification becomes more intense if you use hyssop leaves in a fumigation or bath.

It can also be used to purify an altar, as part of its future consecration, or the preparation of a ritual.

A bath with a cloth bag filled with hyssop, infused with salt, is an excellent method.

In the purification of the environment, of a house, whether following an attack, or in preparation for religious celebrations, or to purify in daily life.

Use an infusion of blessed hyssop to protect the place, by passing it around the edges of doors and windows.

Use a bag of hyssop, or a set of fresh branches above the front door, making sure to change it regularly.

In a work of liberation of its blockings, of its "karma"

Not intended for food consumption.

Sachet of 20 gr

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