Immortelle (Hélychrisum)

The immortelle also called Hélychrisum.

This flower with particular odors needs nothing or almost nothing to exist.

Indeed even in the sand and under great heat it offers us pretty golden yellow and sometimes red bushes all summer long.

In Greek helios means sun and chrysos gold and this is exactly what this flower looks like.

The immortelle has been known since Greco-Roman times. According to the Odyssey (Homer), Odysseus, a hero of Greek mythology, was shipwrecked on an island and met a woman named Nausicaa who was as beautiful as a goddess. Her secret of beauty was the use of immortal oil.

Apollo, the Greek god of healing, purification and the arts, used to deliver his oracles in Delphi wearing a helichrysum tiara to remind the world of his immortality.

As its name indicates, the immortal, even when picked, does not fade, hence the many customs related to immortality.

In the Landes: to keep away the bad luck or the evil one, some put them in cross on the front of the house.

In Spain, during the night of Saint John, it is customary to pick immortelle - symbol of eternity - according to a local ritual.

In the Breton tradition, adding immortelle flowers to the bride's crown at the time of the wedding symbolized friendship and especially constancy in marriage.

In the Chinese tradition, it is customary to offer immortelle leaves to the bride at the time of the wedding to bring a long life.

Not intended for food consumption.

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