Jasmine (flower)

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Jasmine is native to the Indian Himalayas and was introduced to Spain in the 16th century by the Moors. There are many species under the name "jasmine" but there are two predominant ones:

- The large flowered Jasmine called Jasmin grandiflorum from Morocco

- The Arabian Jasmine known as Sambac Jasmine.

Jasmine is often used in love or seduction rituals. It is known to ward off sexual dysfunction and bring physical fulfillment to those who use it.

But Jasmine is not only a flower related to sexuality and seduction! Jasmine will protect love and affection in the broadest sense. Inner peace is favored thanks to its fragrance, which helps to find balance and to elevate the soul. Jasmine facilitates meditation, and fumigation of the fresh flowers promotes mediumship. Jasmine is a flower with incredible dreamlike powers, to which one surrenders.

Jasmine flower attracts love and creates an atmosphere full of eroticism and sensuality. It also brings luck in all projects. Helps to receive psychic dreams and also enhances the power of love herb mixtures.

Not for food consumption.

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