The name of the plant known as lavender, comes from Latin and means wash, purify, because of its use in the bath by the Romans. The pharmacological properties of lavender, and more particularly its essence, are very numerous according to the scientific literature. Moreover, it is a powerful magical plant.

Lavender is used in magic for love potions. Its well-known aroma, very common in famous perfumes, would help to purify negative waves that we can carry, and would bring peace and harmony in the house.

Lavender favors clairvoyance, but also happiness, love, helps us to find inner peace and have a more serene and harmonious life.

For many centuries, used to make amulets against demons and to improve fertility. In the Middle Ages, many women held sprigs of lavender during childbirth, as it was believed to help the birth of the new family member.

Lavender, due to its properties in witchcraft, was also used to make magic potions to improve relationships and eliminate guilt.

Not intended for the food consumption.

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