Lemon balm

Melizette, Drunken mint, Heart herb, Beehive pepper, Lemonade.

Lemon balm has been cultivated since ancient times as a medicinal and honey-making plant. It can be found in gardens or along roadsides, at the foot of walls, in hedges and rubble.

A herb whose flowers are much loved by bees. Thus, some crumpled leaves of Melissa have the gift to fix these last on the hives.

Its lemon-scented leaves, taken as a drink with wine or applied to the skin, are a sovereign remedy against the stings of wasps, bees, spiders, scorpions and dog bites.

In decoction, the juice of the plant dissipates the inflammations, alleviates the pains and facilitates the digestion.

Mixed with honey, it is a great ointment to clear the eyes.

According to the ancients, its good smell and the pungency of its flavor rejoice the soul and the heart, dispel dizziness, migraine, dizziness, chase away melancholic moods and strengthen the vital spirits by taking away all the worries of the brain.

In magic it is burned in healing and health rituals.

It also protects from negative influences.

Its leaves are used in the composition of Balm water, called "Carmelite" water, considered by some as a universal panacea.

Lemon balm is also used for love spells and more particularly for heartache but also for spiritual purification.

Not intended for food consumption.

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