Spearmint and peppermint are perennial plants that have long been used for their properties, either as infusions, incense or essential oils. Archaeologists have found dried leaves of these plants in Egyptian pyramids dating back to the first millennium BC and it is known that Hippocrates and Aristotle used them as a painkiller and analgesic.

Of the many properties of peppermint, the most well-known are its aromatic and digestive properties.

In witchcraft and spells, these plants are known to ward off negative energies, especially if combined with water.

The properties of peppermint, in the form of incense sticks or cones, are multiple. They improve attention and memory, they relieve headaches, but beware, in large quantities, they can disturb sleep. Peppermint incense also stimulates intelligence and the assimilation of new information. It brings protection, decision-making power, order and consciousness. It helps to recover emotional balance and reconciles family relationships.

Use: Purifies and breaks curses, protects home and money, healing rituals.

Not for food consumption.

Sachet of 20 gr

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