White mullein

White mullein (Verbascum thapsus) is a stately plant with downy foliage that is frequently found along roadsides and other open sunny areas. This common plant is one of the world's best lung allies.

Mullein, Saint-Fiacre's herb, Wolf's tail, Notre Dame's candle, Umbrella, Bonhomme's herb, Saint Cloud's ear, Big candlestick flower, Herba luminaria... This fluffy grass with a long stem reaching up to the sky, flourishes on wasteland and along paths. Used since the dawn of time for its soothing and expectorant virtues, the white broth is one of the oldest medicinal plants. The beautiful yellow flowers with a light honey scent are one of the seven ingredients of the "Four Flowers" tea, reputed to treat coughs, hoarseness and colds. White broth is a protective plant that is set on fire on Midsummer's Day to ward off evil spirits. During the occult ceremonies, the wizards illuminated themselves with the magic light of a candle of white Broth, favourable with the rituals and the incantations. Its stem, stripped and coated with pitch, will illuminate with its brightness the tortuous paths of the night and the woods!

In ancient times, mullein represented a magical herb. It is this plant which would have been given to Ulysses to protect himself from the sorcery of Circe who had changed his crewmates into pigs.

Protection in general.

Not intended for the food consumption.

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