The common walnut (Juglans regia L.), is a fairly common tree, native to Eurasia, cultivated for its wood sought after in cabinet making and its fruits, the nuts, rich in oil.

Sleep tree, Noguera, Gauguier, Jupiter's acorn... The wood of this small massive tree is the most beautiful and the most pleasant to work.

The nuts, which are a very good dessert, attract luck and prosperity. To unmask a witch, throw a nut under her chair, she will not be able to get up or leave it. However, the walnut has a sinister reputation. It is said that its thick foliage emits evil fumes and that its shade harms plants and animals and causes dizziness to some people who are under it. Never plant a Walnut tree near a house, as its roots may spread and kill the inhabitants. If you see a walnut tree draped in shreds of fog, beware! For witches with bad manners, hang their panties on it before flying away in the air!

In magic for prosperity. But also known for its dark side as for curses.

Not intended for food consumption.

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