The olive tree seems to be the first tree whose name is mentioned in the history of this world. When Noah sent the dove as a scout, it came back with an olive branch in its beak, showing that the waters had receded and announcing the end of the Flood. A tree of sunshine and legend, a tree of the Bible and of Mediterranean civilizations, a symbol of life and longevity since it can exceed a thousand years of age and tradition dictates that it remains a witness of Calvary in the Garden of Olives, the olive tree is also and above all a symbol of peace. It is with olive wood and cedar wood that the "true" cross of Christ would have been made.

Among the Greeks, the tree was dedicated to Minerva because it was born from the earth pierced by a spear of the goddess. Among the Romans, it was also sacred. It symbolized all the great and beautiful things of humanity, victory, harmony, glory, immortality, and rebirth in memory of the one that grew from the ashes of the olive tree burned by Xerxes on the Acropolis.

In the Middle Ages, its fame waned, it represented only wealth, but also love and fertility in Provence.

The olive tree is used to find PEACE but also for fertility, longevity, strength, victory, purity.

It was the tree dedicated to the Roman god Jupiter and the Greek goddess Athena.

Not intended for food consumption.

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