Passifloras are beautiful climbing plants covering their support with chiseled flowers of pure colors and edible orange fruits.

Native to tropical South America, passionflowers are evergreen to semi-evergreen lianas. Vigorous, they cling to their support with tendrils. The petals are magnified by the crown of fleshy and colored filaments surrounding the pistil and the stamens. The flowers are followed by large orange-yellow fruits, round or elongated depending on the species.

They are cultivated for their fragrance as well as the exotic and spectacular beauty of their large summer flowers, varying in hues from white to dark purple, blue and pink.

To bring peace and keep problems and troubles away from your home. Simply place a little Passionflower in your home, or grow some in your garden.

Worn on your person it attracts friendship, loyalty from friends and popularity.

Placed under the pillow it helps to fall asleep.

Not intended for food consumption.

Bag of 20 gr

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