Patchouli is a member of the mint family.

The shrub is known in China and Malaysia for its stimulating properties, tonic, antiseptic and antipyretic effects. It is also used to treat insect bites and snake bites.

Patchouli leaves have an exotic and warm smoke. It releases erotic vibrations that awaken the senses to open up to each other. Used incense the aphrodisiac properties will be deployed.

It is commonly used in spells of lust and love... It can also be used in spells to ease a broken heart.

It can be used in spells to gain or develop self-confidence.

It protects against all negative influences, whether they be situations or people. It is even used in justice spells.

Patchouli has a relaxing effect, calming the nerves and harmonizing the body.

- Love and Lust

- Fertility

- For protection

- Money and prosperity

- Meditation and relaxation

Not for food consumption.

Bag of 20gr

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