Potentilla anserina

The name Potentilla comes from the Latin patens - powerful, attributed by Linnaeus in reference to the astringent properties of the plant. This astringency is due to the richness in tannins of the root, even if the whole plant is used in the case of Potentilla anserina.

All potentillas share the same medicinal properties but it is mainly the anserine (Potentilla anserina) and the tormentil (Potentilla erecta) that are used in phytotherapy.

In magic it is a powerful intellectual stimulant that clarifies and strengthens the mind. Burning it with mint, basil, orange and benzoin is ideal for study and intellectual work.

Plant strongly linked to the number 5, its shape reminds the pentacle and the 5 fingers of its leaf are associated to Love, Money, Health, Power and Wisdom.

It is said to have many virtues and uses for centuries. It would have been one of the components of the famous elixir of flight of the medieval witches.

It favors good harvests, in particular for people living from fishing and sea products.

Protective, it is hung above a bed or a door. A bag of potentilla hanging on the bed promotes a peaceful sleep. Placed under your pillow or burned as incense, it allows you to see your future lover in your dreams.

Carrying it on oneself favors eloquence when asking for a favor and also makes it easier to obtain that favor.

During a ritual, it favors the concretization of an idea, of an intention.

To find a 7-leaf potentilla is rare. It is a powerful talisman.

Not intended for the food consumption.

Bag of 20 gr

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