Chicory Roots

Chicory is a biennial perennial plant that grows wild in Europe and North America, especially on calcareous soils, in dry meadows, wastelands and roadsides. It has angular branches and serrated leaves, its stem contains a bitter liquid and its flowers are light blue. It is cultivated for its endives, its leaves are part of the bitter Passover herbs, and its flowers give a blue dye. The young root of Chicory neutralizes the exciting effects of coffee when roasted.

Chicory is used to ward off any obstacles that may arise in your life, and is carried for this purpose.

At one time it was said to make its owner invisible, and to open closed rooms and doors when rubbed against locks.

For these two purposes, chicory had to be cut with a golden-bladed knife in perfect silence at noon or midnight on the days surrounding Litha.

Finally if you rub your body with Chicory juice, you will get favors from an important person, and if you wear it, it will help you reduce your appetite.

Not for food consumption.

Bag of 20 gr

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