Comfrey Root

Its name comes from Latin consolida, consolido, I consolidate.

Discoride prescribed it against the spitting of blood and the hemorrhoids. In the Middle Ages, the nurses coated their chapped breasts with it to heal them while the physician of Henri II recommended it to the surgeons to heal fractures and accelerate the healing of wounds.

Comfrey has a great healing power thanks to allantoin, a molecule it contains. It is also rich in tannin, mucilage and alkaloids, which are harmless in medicinal doses, making it an anti-hemorrhagic, healing, vulnerary, emollient and soothing plant.

The active principles of comfrey are present mainly in the root of the plant, but the use of the latter is reserved for external use and it should not be consumed. The roots are perfect to make a repairing ointment in case of small wounds, chapping, cracks or burns.

It is used in magic for luck, protection during a journey and to attract prosperity.

Not intended for food consumption.

Sachet of 20 gr

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