Dandelion roots

The dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) nicknamed "lion's tooth" because of the shape of its leaves, is a universal plant, present in almost all regions of the world. It is the root of the dandelion that will act on the liver while its leaves will have an impact on the kidneys.

The future was predicted thanks to the fruit head or bellows. One would clearly ask his question and blow. If the bellows were completely undressed in one breath, it was a very good omen. If the question was sentimental, it was a sign of a meeting or love at first sight. On the financial side, one could afford to take risks, it would be profitable. If there were any feathers left on the head, there would be torments to come, in proportion to the number of bellows left. If nothing flies away, don't panic! We take another dandelion and we start again!

Everyone knows the "yellow cuckold", the dandelion is no exception, it is dedicated to the deceived people.

But it is also a symbol of abundance, foresight, thanks to its name of gold of the meadows.

The root when roasted like coffee is used to make a tea. This infusion is supposed to improve psychic powers. This same tea, when burned and placed next to the bed, will bring in the spirits.

Dandelion buried in the northwest corner of your home will bring favorable winds.

It is used to calm the nerves, improve mental activity and promote sleep.

Before exams, burn dandelion with Benzoin.

Not for food consumption.

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