Licorice Root

Used since the dawn of time and appreciated by the greatest, licorice is not only a delicious delicacy. It has many virtues that are particularly interesting for your health. There are several species, always in root form.

From ancient Egypt to Greek mythology, through the first Chinese herbalists, licorice has always been present in the ingredients of scholars. It has long been considered a miracle root, whose dark juice has sometimes been called "black gold".

As early as antiquity, licorice was used to treat stomach aches and to calm hunger pangs. In the time of Aristotle, licorice sticks were slipped into the bags of travelers and soldiers to allow them to stay longer without drinking or becoming dehydrated. This magic potion allowed many explorers to push the limits of the unknown even further. It is even said that licorice helped win wars! In the Middle Ages, licorice became a miracle drink supposed to cure all ills. Doctors and wizards used it to make potions for the wealthy. It was not until the 18th century that people realized that licorice was not only a medicine, but that it gave a lot of pleasure to those who consumed it.

Licorice is mainly used for healing spells and helps develop psychic powers.

Not for food consumption.

Bag of 20 gr

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