Roots of Sarghina

the sarghina is a plant with small white flowers and fibrous and knotty roots of the family of the caryophyllacées.

Moroccan herbalists know it very well. They affirm that its first use is medicinal, since fortifying, diuretic, tonic, deodorizing and antibacterial.

According to popular beliefs, the fumigations of the root of this plant would have virtues against the evil eye.

Some treaties of very old Arabic medicine quote the therapeutic virtues of the decoction serghina or "perfume of the Berbers", in particular its aphrodisiac capacity, by specifying that it is good to breathe its fumigations because that strengthens the brain, looks after the coryza, perfumes and deodorizes the body.

Not intended for food consumption.

Sachet of 10 gr

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