Solidago (goldenrod)

The goldenrod is a perennial herbaceous plant with a swivelling rhizome, sometimes deep, from which rises a strong and thick reddish, even purplish stem, whose size varies between 30 and 100 cm.

The Latin name Solidago is composed of solidum and agere, which means "to consolidate", "to make strong" and "to heal". In the past, this plant was primarily used for healing wounds. This explains the familiar German term "Heidnisch Wundkraut" or "pagan wound herb". As for the name "Unsegenkraut" i.e. "curse grass", it suggests that the goldenrod was also used against witchcraft and the evil eye.

The goldenrod is used mainly for the divination by the dreams, in an adapted ritual, it will allow you to see your future love in your dreams, one also uses it in the rituals related to the money.

Use: Love, dreams, money

Not intended for the food consumption.

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