Veronicas (Veronica) are a genus of annual or perennial herbaceous plants with more than 200 species throughout the world.

The plant owes its name to Saint Veronica, who would have collected a cloth bearing the features of Christ and would have, thanks to this cloth, cured the emperor Tiberius of leprosy. However, the officinal veronica (Veronica officinalis) was formerly used in application on the wounds of the lepers (from where its familiar name of herb with the lepers). Pierre Fournier reports in Les quatre flores de France that the veronicas flower was compared in the Middle Ages to the imprint of Christ (verum icon, "true image") because it drew a rudimentary face with the 2 anthers representing the eyes.

On the advice of a hunter, a Frankish king would have cured of leprosy thanks to the veronica. It became an official remedy of the European pharmacopoeia and was qualified as "officinal". A link is often made between the blue flowers of the speedwell and the eyes of Saint Veronica, who held her veil to Jesus on the cross.

Other theories claim that the name of the genus Veronica is based on a misunderstanding: a printing error would have altered Betonica to Vetonica, a term that would have been interpreted later as Veronica.

In magic it is used in love spells and more particularly for fidelity.

Not intended for food consumption.

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