Encens et Enchantements

La magie des bougies enchantées


wicca , hoodoo ,divination and magical workings. 

Who am I?

Let me introduce myself, Andranos, founder of the Encens et Enchantements boutique, which offers enchanted candles unique in France, as well as various esoteric products and services.

Ever since I was very young, I've been drawn to the world of esotericism and the paranormal, without really knowing why, but I used to feel a lot of things like entities and the like. I then turned to esotericism in general and Wicca in particular.

After several years of study and personal research, what suited me best was Traditional Wicca. I started looking for Covens in France, until the day I met a few people who helped me get my foot in the door.

Then began a long apprenticeship in the New-York Wica Tradition, and I joined the Nantes Coven at the time.

Today, I'm a Wiccan Traditionalist and High Priest of the Coven de l'Ophidia Noir, in the New-York Wica Tradition of the North-West region. But I'm also a Rootworker, Spirit Medium and devotee of the Santisima Muerte, as well as manager of the only chapel in France dedicated to her. We also offer Candles services and major works.

I practice card divination, pendulum divination, automatic writing, white table and spiritualist divination, as well as various other practices such as Wicca, Louisiana Hoodoo, country witchcraft and many others. I also perform exorcisms, unblessings and cleansing.

When it comes to prints, I work essentially through contact with spirits. This means projection, perception and mediumship. So I don't use the traditional tarot as some do. I also carry out photo sensing and channeling of the deceased.

As a rootworker, I also offer Hoodoo services. I can also teach it in various formats if you'd like to learn more about this practice and culture.

Also co-organizer of witch encounters in the Pays de Loire and Brittany regions, Youtubeur and in various themed Directs on Instagram.

I welcome you to the site and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.