New-York Wica Tradition

The New-York Wica Tradition is a tradition of the WICA, founded in the early 1970's by Edmund Buczynski in New-York.

Its teachings are largely based on the original initiatory core of the Gardnerian Tradition from which it originated. Eddy Buczynski was elevated to the rank of 3rd degree High Priest of the Gardnerian Tradition.

The "Deity" is considered as One and primordial, both male and female incarnated by the God and the Goddess. The heart of the Wica Tradition focuses on the interaction between these two "expressions" that are the Goddess and the God.

This tradition arrived in Europe in 2015 thanks to Lord Lucian C.Z. High Priest of the Coven of the Emerald Serpent (in Louisiana - USA).