Witch Dating

  A few years ago, in 2014, I had the idea to set up what is now called the Witches' Encounters in the Northwest.

Today and for several years, I organize them with Hestia about every three months.

Thanks to its success, we move all over the west of France like Nantes, Rennes, Angers, Tours, Vannes and many other cities will be added later on.

The dream would be that witch meetings could be organized all over France in a few years, in order to create a real community rather than a virtual one and many people are asking for it.

The goal of these meetings is to give people the possibility to meet for a whole day, in order to exchange on different themes related to esotericism and witchcraft, but also to gather a community in order to create bonds of friendship and to make it grow from year to year.

We have decided to evolve our witch meetings in 2019. From time to time, we will welcome a guest who will talk about his or her journey in the esoteric field and his or her projects or achievements. The goal is to open these meetings to all fields of magic and esotericism for wonderful days of meeting and sharing.

We also have other surprises in store for you that you will discover during these meetings.

The outings take place over a whole day from 11am to about 5pm and are of course free. We just ask you to bring your lunch and something to share for a giant snack in the afternoon to enjoy a moment of sharing all together. Please note that minors are only accepted if they are accompanied.

We are counting on you to come in great numbers for these meetings and share wonderful magical moments.

If you are interested in coming as a guest to one of our meetings, do not hesitate to contact me to discuss it together.

You can find the event with the next date on my public Facebook page below.