Structure of the Coven

Our Coven has a precise structure to maintain our tradition in the most harmonious way possible.

We divide our Coven into three distinct groups:

The Outer Court, the Inner Court, and the Heart Court.

Each of the inner groups are related to particular functions.

The Outer Court is a symbolic place created to prepare new members for their future initiation. It is in this courtyard, that future members are present during their years of study. It is with this courtyard that the "Rituals of the Outer Court" are performed, which are so-called public rituals. The High Priestess and the High Priest lead this group, organizing the meetings and the work to be done. There is a "Book of Shadows (BOS) of the Outer Court" so that future initiates can understand the rites. This public LDO does not resemble that of the Coven and the Tradition. It was created to facilitate public instruction, while keeping the oaths secret. The rites are essentially based on the work made public. Be aware that the Outer Court is a time to measure your involvement and interest in the Circle and how you act with the Members. This period will allow you to ask yourself the right questions, to see if you are really made to practice Witchcraft and Wica. This is called the "Training Coven".

The Inner court is none other than the Coven itself. It is the circle of initiates. It is in this courtyard that you will practice the NEW-YORK WICA TRADITION and the Art with all. All united, equal in the circle. It is by being part of this Court, that you will make your first steps in the true witchcraft. You will be asked to carry out missions, like helping or organizing things for the Outer Court...etc. This is called the Working Coven.

The Central Court is the home of our Coven. It is the meeting place of the Founders of the Coven. Each Coven has a Central Court where the Elders of the Coven are present. This is where all decisions for the Coven and the acceptance of new members are made, up to the purchase of a new cauldron. Any decision concerning the Coven is voted on with the Inner Court but the Central Court can veto certain things.