Our Practice

The NEW-YORK WICA TRADITION is an Oathbound tradition.

This means that initiates swear an oath at initiation and at their elevation. The names of the deities, the actual ritual structure, the details of the initiations and so on are considered secret and never shared with the uninitiated.

The NEW-YORK WICA TRADITION, unlike other traditions, also prohibits the practice of "Open Circles" (public rites), even with members of other art traditions.

The NEW-YORK WICA TRADITION has one initiation and two elevations.

At the 1st degree, a person is a witch and priest.

At the 2nd degree, a person is considered a Witch and High Priest (sse).

In the 3rd degree, an Elder.

Initiations can be performed by a 3rd degree and also by a 2nd degree with the permission of his Elder. However, only a 3rd degree can create a Coven.

Unlike other traditions, the NEW-YORK WICA TRADITION allows the Coven to be led by two partners of the same gender. It is therefore possible for two men or two women to lead a NEW-YORK WICA TRADITION Coven. Although this may be contrary to the lineages of the BTW, the Central Core of the rites and the Mysteries remain the same.

The NEW-YORK WICA TRADITION also emphasizes the practice of magic. It is a very active part of the training.

Under certain conditions, the practice of the rites can be "Skyclad" or in "Robe".

The Covens of the NEW-YORK WICA TRADITION are also more democratic in nature than those of other traditions. The members of the Coven all participate in the decision making process.