Exorcisms, disenchantments, 

Site cleaning...

For this kind of work, we work exclusively with the Santisima Muerte and more precisely with the Negra.

It is about energetic cleaning of places (entities, negative energies, memory of the places etc...) and disenchantments, exorcisms of people.

The techniques we use were directly transmitted to us by la Negra. We are really grateful to her.

As it requires a displacement on the spot for the cleanings of places, we must limit ourselves to only one geographical zone: Brittany and Pays de la Loire.

For the exorcisms and sometimes the disenchantments, the people will have to move because the intervention is done only in real and not at distance.

The price includes the necessary material and the possible travel expenses to which is added a sum intended for the embellishment of the Chapel. To this is added our service which varies according to the problem. Some situations present a risk for us which we must take into account. Of course, a thank-you offering to La Negra is also necessary.

We establish each time an estimate.

For your requests, contact me specifying your problem and what you wish.