Service Candle Santisima Muerte

We have set up a Candle Service at the French Chapel of the Santisima Muerte.

The chapel is located in the Loire Atlantic between Rennes and Nantes for those who wish to visit it. It is open all year round by appointment. We also organize public events during its festivals.

We offer this service to people who wish to address a particular request to the Santisima Muerte and who do not have an altar at home or who prefer to have it done by a devotee who works with the church.

The devotee, thanks to the special ties that connect him to the Santisima Muerte, can help to fulfill your requests.

The service offered is 60 euros: it corresponds to the price of the material used plus a contribution directly to the Chapel to ensure its maintenance.

The devotee will perform a personalized ritual according to the request during which he will generally use incense and candles as well as offerings.

Each candle is nominative and is accompanied by a petition.

So if you wish to obtain a spiritual service from the French Chapel of the Santisima Muerte we ask you to contact us

We will define together the service that best meets your expectations.

We insist on the fact that the Santisima Muerte always decides whether or not to accede to the person's request

We also organize one-day or zoom courses to help you set up a devotional altar and everything else you need to know as a devotee of the Santisima Muerte.

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Link for those who wish to make a donation to the French Chapel of the Santisima Muerte :