Our Tradition

In the 1950s and 1970s, when the Wiccan movement was confined to groups such as the Gardnerian Lineage, a "tradition" often involved the transfer of a lineage through initiation.

However, over time, descendants of this main line (Gardnerian) decided to add to and modify certain aspects of the rites, creating what we call a Wiccan "TRADITION.

Some of Gardner's descendants improved upon Traditional Wicca, while others created traditions that had nothing to do with Wicca. Gerald Gardner's initiatory lineage gave rise to several traditions. First, the so-called BTW or "British Traditional Wicca". This one includes the Gardnerian Tradition, the Alexandrian Tradition (also called Xandrianism) and the Algard Tradition.

Then follow other traditions, which were born and created by its priestesses or their descendants as: the Scottich Wica, the Ayshire Wica or the NEW-YORK WICA Tradition.

All the WICCANNES Traditions, require the initiation in a coven and the practice of the rites of their respective traditions and whose "vouch" is verifiable and derived from G.Gardner.

In this way, all members of a tradition can draw a direct line to Gardner.