Be part of the Coven and be initiated

If you are interested in joining the coven, be aware that there are strict rules:

- You must be at least 21 years old.

- You must have a clean criminal record.

- You must show the desire and motivation to join the coven.

- You must not have any problems with alcohol or drugs.

- You must be able to show discretion.

- You must be able to keep a secret.

- You must not be in search of healing.

- You must not be in search of glory.

- You must respect yourself and others. The initiate will have to learn to trust himself and trust the Coven. Initiation is a personal transformation, very hard, it is a slow and long process. The High Priestess and the High Priest will show you the way, but will not work for you.

With practice and work, the initiate will change and complete himself. The practice of magic leads to the creation of energy and power. Power that can be manipulated. The manipulation of this power and the production of this power does not come from the mind, but from practice.

This is why Wicca and its mysteries are not taught in books