Customer testimonials

Thank you so much for your work and your candles. Not only are they beautiful, but the results are more than impressive. Thank you again, it helped me a lot.

Thank you for candles. The results are insane. You can trust them with your eyes closed. It's a good thing that it exists now in France. Thank you Andranos for your unique store.

A novelty in France for this kind of candles known in the United States. The results are present and even better than one could hope for. So don't hesitate, you won't be disappointed with your purchase.

I have already placed several orders and the quality of the products is impeccable. The herbs are really of quality, very rare nowadays. We see that the choice of quality comes first and the prices are very correct. Thank you

Amazing results for the candles. I have ordered several and each time the results are great. Thank you for your work.

For those who would ask the question: bluffing! No sibylline statements, he just falls. I am bluffed!

Thanks again Andranos by the way.

Really amazing, thank you so much again for this print! I also ordered candles and the results are impressive. Thank you for everything Andranos.

Everything I was told has happened. Thanks again for everything Andranos.

Thank you for your help and your very efficient work I highly recommend

Thank you again Andranos for this wonderful draw 2019 very happy

Thank you for your wonderful candles. Very effective I greatly recommend, really a superb store and quality products

I called Andranos and my life changed completely. For more than a year, I was not myself anymore. Thanks to their intervention, everything changed in my life, so many good things happened afterwards in a few months and I found my taste for life again. Thank you to them and especially to the Santisima Muerte. I will not hesitate to speak about you around me.

I ordered a candle for Work and I am bluffed with the result. After a few days I was already getting interviews, and I quickly found a job. Thank you both for the wonderful work you do.

A relevant and well-spoken clairvoyant, Andranos is a person of integrity. He says a lot in a short time. Much better than many "pure psychics". To consult urgently.

Very competent in his words, and videos. I appreciate it very much. I highly recommend. Thank you Andranos.

A very big thank you to you, super nice person, listening. I highly recommend you.

Very pleasant and with good advice, Andranos is always listening to people. A very nice meeting.

Thank you for your wonderful work. I have ordered several candles from you and the results are amazing, never disappointed. Don't hesitate to place an order.

Thanks to you, after ordering a pyramid candle, I had very fast results and a job that suits me totally and full time. Thank you again for your wonderful work.

The quality of your oils and your plants are incredible. We can see that you are very careful in your choices to privilege quality with the best prices. Thank you Andranos.

Andranos' prints are great. He is fair, listens and really says things. Thanks again Andranos

I followed a coaching with Andranos and it was great. He knows how to guide you, he listens to you and that helped me a lot to move forward. Two wonderful hours spent in his company. Thank you

I ordered incense and the quality is great. There are few incenses of this type on the market. I recommend it.

I called on Andranos for an Exorcism and I am bluffed. I consulted a good number of practitioners who promised me results for years but nothing. But now my life has totally changed, I am totally revived, all the negative has disappeared and the doors are opening in front of me. Thank you again for helping me, after so many years of hardship.

Thank you for your spell removal services, the result is incredible. Thanks to you I am rid of the curse that had been chasing me for many years. You are wonderful, thank you again for your work and generosity.

Your candles are really great, I can't believe it. I ordered 3 candles and the results were amazing every time. Thank you for being able to set this up in France. You are doing a great job and it really works. Do not hesitate to order and ask for advice. They will always listen to you.

Thank you Andranos for your guidance. Very attentive, quickly understands how to guide us and find our way by ourselves. I really recommend it and I will not hesitate to do it again.

Andranos makes bluffing divination. He sees right and does not go round in his words, he is clear and direct. I really advise you, you will not be disappointed with his performance.

Your candles are really amazing and amazing. All of them gave me what I needed. Thank you again. Do not even hesitate to order from this store is great.

Thank you again for this exorcism. After years of living a life of hardship, I finally see a future. I have consulted many people but you are the only ones who have succeeded. Thanks to you and to the Santisima Muerte.

Your candles are really wonderful. The results every time are really amazing. Thank you for offering this kind of products in France.