Enchanted Candles

With the kind permission of Lady Rhea, Witch Queen of New-York and author of the best seller The Enchanted Candle, we offer you a wide selection of world famous enchanted candles from her book. But also from our own creations.

If you want to buy it, we give you the link below.



We offer you enchanted candles (Seven days 18x6) prepared by us which, accompanied by the corresponding ritual, will allow you to carry out the spell you wish.

Each candle comes with instructions for use and the corresponding invocation.

The necessary ingredients for its realization are available in the store. You also have the option of purchasing the Complete Kit, which will provide you with everything you need for your spell.

If you prefer, we can also perform the whole ritual for you for 85 euros per candle. And if you have a particular request other than the proposed candles, this is only a small list of what we can prepare for you, so do not hesitate to contact us.

WARNING: never leave candles burning unattended and always place them in a safe place.

Liste des chandelles proposées avec délai de 10 à 15 jours selon les commandes : 

Enchanted Candle Ritual made for you.

We offer you to do the Enchanted Candle and the 7 day ritual that goes with it for you. A photo follow-up will be done throughout the ritual. The ritual includes the purchase of the material, the offerings and the work done.

85.00 €