The Elder tree is the most famous wood for making magic wands since centuries, because of the fact that its very soft pith is easy to remove. It is best to cut the branch at the summer solstice at midnight.

Elder is also very famous for making flutes to call the spirits.

When worn, Elderberry protects against all kinds of attackers. Hanging over doors and windows it protects the house.

The berries when worn protect against evil and negativity.

Planted in the garden, the Elder tree protects the house against the ravages of witchcraft and lightning, and brings prosperity.

To bless a person, place or thing, scatter Elder leaves and berries to the four winds in the name of the person, place or thing to be blessed. Then throw some on the person or object itself, and the blessing is complete.

The Elder tree is used at weddings to bring good luck to the couple, and pregnant women kiss the tree to ensure the good fortune of the unborn baby. To avoid the temptation of adultery, carry Elderberry with you.

If you have trouble sleeping, place Elderberries under your pillow. They will help you sleep peacefully.

Not intended for food consumption.

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