The Birch, an elegant tree with silver bark

Lady of the woods, Tree of wisdom, White wood, Broom tree, Sceptre of the masters... Graceful and mysterious tree, the Birch is a symbol of wisdom and renewal. Its sap, called "Birch blood", and its leaves are used for their numerous therapeutic virtues. A long time ago, its white, thin and resistant bark was collected on the nights of the full moon to inscribe incantations and love spells. In the Middle Ages, prisoners and the insane were whipped with Birch branches to exorcise the demons that inhabited them and the bodies of the deceased were covered with its branches to light their way to the underworld.

It protects from dark forces, bewitchments and bad spells. In France, the birch branch was kept in the house to keep away the Evil One and his representatives.

The tree of wisdom is the symbol of knowledge, renewal and the promise of light. It is a tree of life and regeneration.

Not intended for food consumption.

Bag of 20 gr

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