Calendula (marigold flowers)

Plant of predilection of phytotherapy, recognized for its calming and healing virtues, the marigold is a sovereign remedy for the small cutaneous problems. It also relieves gastric disorders, hepatic affections, inflammations of the throat and the mouth or premenstrual pains.

Garlands of Marigold on doorposts prevent evil from entering the house, and scattered around the bed Marigold flowers protect you while you sleep and allow you to have prophetic dreams. This is especially effective in discovering the identity of a thief who has robbed or broken into your home. Added to bath water, Marigold flowers help gain the respect and admiration of everyone you meet. When picked at noon (solar time), Marigold strengthens and soothes the heart. It is also said that looking at the bright flowers of the Marigold strengthens the eyesight, and carried in the pocket it helps to have justice on your side in a trial. Finally, it is said that if a girl touches the petals of a Marigold flower with her bare feet, she will understand the languages of birds.

In magic for protection, mediumship and prophetic dreams. Also used for justice and respect.

Not for food consumption.

Bag of 10 gr

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