Justice candle

To appeal to the power of karmic law.

There is no escape from the law of karma. When the time comes, everything is weighed and estimated. When you feel that you need to put this power into action because you have been wronged or hurt, this seal is really the one for you. It is a magical call to reset everything. This seal represents the Egyptian goddess Maat, the one who weighs souls. On one side of the scale is the feather of truth, on the other side an earthen vessel that contains the soul of the one being judged. These are the symbols of Maat. It is said that although it weighs the soul, it is Osiris who judges its soundness. The earthen vessel contains water, which is considered the source of life. If the water in the vessel is clear, there will be balance with the feather. However, if the water is not clear and contains "slime" - which weighs down the soul - then the trays will not be balanced and the soul will have to go to judgment.

Karmic rebalancing requires that you put aside all anger and emotion to allow karmic law to decide what is to be done. This is perfect when someone has done something really bad to you, or has put you in a very difficult situation. Everyone then says, "Don't worry, he'll have to pay," or "We'll get him back." Well, this will just speed things up a bit and help to soothe your anger so you can let go and get on with life.

Ritual procedure included.

You can choose between the complete kit and the candle alone. The full kit contains the Justice candle, a 20gr bag of powdered dragon blood, a 20gr bag of graveyard soil and a 30gr bag of frankincense.

What you need :

. A bowl

. A letter of intent

. Salt

. Dragon's Blood

. Myrrh (optional)

. Mustard seeds (black or yellow)

. Cemetery soil (optional)

Red wine

. Frankincense, Myrrh

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